Cinema #34: The Greatest (Musical) Showman

Hey Gang!

 I just came home from seeing The Greatest Showman. I am not even sure if I can convey to you in words how much I loved this film, but I'm going to try. I love Musicals, and it's pretty rare that a movie version of a production blows me away, because I have had the amazing opportunity to be on Stage and Behind, as production crew. 


 So when I sit here and write for you that this film is absolutely perfect, please do not just take my word for it. This film is absolutely stunning and needs to be shared with everyone you know. I watched the film, and I started smiling around the opening title sequence and smiled until the end. 

 I cried twice, my heart was warmed, and I literally can not say how much I enjoyed this film, the limit does not exist. It is an absolutely beautifully shot film and a wonderful display of humanity. It automatically jumped to my number one favorite musical. 


 The Choreography is literally to die for, from the opening scene to Zendaya and Efron on Ropes, my legs were itching to perform ball changes and body rolls of a time from long ago. It is a great Christmas movie, full of family fun, and love for those who enrich your lives. 

 The Racial tension was something I wasn't expecting but they did it so well. It wasn't forced, it wasn't having a knife twisted and specifically for me, it was wonderful to see love win out. The film shows you the history of P.T. Barnum and how he built his circus.


My Favorite songs are " The Greatest Show", "Never Enough", and "This Is Me". The music is amazing! You know how you listen to something and you get goosebumps? I had them the entire film and they didn't go away until I got home. I have since bought the album.

 Showman grabs you from the title scene and doesn't let you go until the very end. I was on the edge of my seat, and grinning from ear to ear. If you like Music, If you like dancing, If you like Musicals, if You like a good film, if you like Hugh Jackman, go see it, and even if you don't like any of those things, buy a ticket anyway, I promise you something will grab and keep your attention. 

 I know I generally don't rate films, but for this, I have to, an absolute ten out of ten. 

Have you seen The Greatest Show Yet?

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