#FightingGameMonth #1: 5 Games to Play This Month

 Hey Gang!

   I was scrolling through Twitter the other day, and I noticed this hashtag going around called Fighting game month. For me, that's all the time, but since a lot of people prefer different types of games, and I thought it would be fun to talk about a few of my favorites and recommend them to you! 

  I grew up on a Healthy dose of arcade fighters and healthy competitiveness. Even now, as a 26 years old, I still shit talk with my sister, cousins, and father, as We hop around the living room mashing buttons on wireless controllers, or groaning when we take a look at our steadily increasing losing streak, and trying to remember that we love this game. 

 That's a gamer, right? Going through the trials and tribulations of a video game just to see whether or not we can finish it. Growing and training with our character so we can defeat the next boss, finish the next puzzle, gain the next stat, and move on to the next level. 


Here are 5 Arcade Fighters you could play this month. 

- Street Fighter V: The latest in the classic fighting series. Street Fighter and King Of Fighters are my favorite fighting franchises ever. I will always go out and buy the newest game because I can't wait to revisit old characters and learn moves for the new ones. Even though games becoming more interested in creating payment passes for more "content", and this particular Street Fighter has fallen prey, it looks like they're trying to fix it by offering the "arcade" version, which has LOADS more characters, for free if you already own this version. 


- King Of Fighters 14: With the resurgence of older characters that I haven't seen lately like Vice and Mature, It's moved its way to my second favorite in the series. There's a newer gaming mechanic that will take some getting used to, and you can't stream it online, but it's definitely a refreshing take on an older favorite. 


- Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: I know that Infinite is out now, and that is the more updated version of the game, but I would prefer to ignore it because of its complete lack of X-Men Characters, which I have grown so fond of throughout the years. Number Three is definitely my favorite in the franchise, although if you aren't used to the three-person team mechanic, it can be a touch daunting, but once you get used to it, bringing characters in and out at the drop of a hat, and surprising your player two, may just become one of your favorite parts. 


- Injustice 2: Almost the best of both worlds, getting to battle it out as your DC characters isn't it? With the inclusion of new characters such as Starfire, Darkseid, Cheetah and more, the game has definitely upped the ante, on their stories and the ability of their characters. Starfire is a favorite of my sisters and her special abilities are pretty awesome if I do say so myself. 


- Mortal Kombat 10: With unique crossover characters available such as Leatherface, Jason, and Predator, I think it adds an interesting take to the gameplay that you are used to in this series. They've definitely upped the gore factor in your fatalities as well, you can see every single bone break and shatter inside your enemies body. 


What Games Have You Been Playing This Month?

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