January is #FightingGameMonth #0!

 Hey Gang!

   If you're new to my blog, then welcome, but if you aren't then you know how much I love videogames. When people ask me what I play, I generally break it down into three categories. Puzzles, Arcade Fighters and Platformers. I grew up playing video games with my family, and my friends. One of the games, we could always play with groups were arcade fighters, and my family (myself included) can get pretty competitive. Whenever we get together, there's generally three or four fighting games in rotation, and our shittalking is out of this world. 


  As I've gotten older, I've kind of strayed from fighting games, because of the quickness of completion and the newly minted process of Character Passes. I was thoroughly pissed off when I paid 60$ for Street Fighter V brand new, and only had five characters to choose from. If you ever meet my dad and ask him about Tekken, he'll gladly tell you about the ONE time he purchased Tekken back in the day and was livid when he finished it in a day. 


  I'm so excited about this hashtag, because I've been thinking of a way to get back into blogging about gaming, because even though, I haven't been writing about it in a while, I defintely have been making my way through my games within the last couple of months. I'm currently working on: Chapter 6 of Stella Glow (2 Chapters LEFT!!!!), The Fourth Island Challenge of Pokemon Sun, ( I want Ultra Sun, but I can't justify buying it because I haven't finished the first one yet.) , Chapter 2 of Summon Night 6 ( ALOT more Story + talking then I remember...) , and Super Mario Odyssey (DUH.) 


  I thought it would be fun to take a stroll down memory lane, and talk about my favorite fighting games of my childhood. I'm sure I've talked about a few of these on the blog before, but now they'll all be found in one blog post which will be easy access later on. The systems I remember having as a child are: Sega Saturn, Sega Genesis, Sega Dreamcast, Playstation (original), Playstation two, Playstation Three, Super Nintendo, Game Boy (Original), Gameboy Color (purple), and Gameboy Advance (Pink, still own). 


  The games that I can remember giving lots of my energy to would be King Of Fighters '98, King, Shermie and Mature were a constant Fighting Team for me. I have this one slightly embarrasing moment, I was playing an arcade version at Chuck E. Cheese, and I had wasted so many tokens trying to beat my dad, like I was so thankful that the cabinet was in the farthest corner, and no one else seemed interested in playing it. I was determined to beat him at least once. If you've never played a King of Fighter's Game, they give you three characters to fight with, so you could have as many as three rounds. 


  So after like the 17th loss, I had finally defeated two of his fighters (I thought I had gotten all three and thus won), I started to hop around and dance talking about how I had won, and I was so excited, and then the cabinet sound ROUND 4, and I kid you not, I think I cried. My Dad was laughing, talking about why are you so excited there's another round, and needless to say, I don't think I won that match. 


  Other games I remember playing a lot of were Street Fighter, I still play it, but my first street Fighter was Alpha III, and I played the crap out of Elena. She looked like me, so why wouldn't I play her? As I got older my mains became Chun-li and Cammy. I played through all of the King of Fighters, I bought 14 about a year ago, and other than the fact that I can't stream it, I love it! I remember spending many hours with Project Justice, for the DreamCast. I think that system was SO ahead of it's time, when ours stopped working, we bought 3 more to replace them before we finally had to move on. 


   I love sharing gaming memories because playing games are one of my favorite ways to spend my time. When you read gaming blogs they generally talk about new things coming out and reviews, but it's pretty rare that you get posts about their first game, or the feeling they had when they finished their first game. So when I write about games, I want to be able to give you guys bits and pieces of my gaming experiences, because that's what I would like to see when I visit other gamers. That's pretty much the foundation of my blog now, I want to write what I would like to read in other places, and that has given me a new confidence and a new burst of motivation to create more content. 


   What were your first Arcade Fighters? Let's Reminisce on Twitter!

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