Novels #21: Book Haul #2

Hello Gang!

  It's been a pretty busy book week. I headed out to the library and picked up four new novels, I am Princess X, Teen Frankenstein, Alive, and Peter Pan Must Die. In addition to those, Secrets Can Kill, Deadly Intent, White Water Terror and Hit and Run Holiday, all part of the Nancy Drew Files, and I picked up Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys, Graphic Novel the Big Lie. 


  I'm a huge fan of the original Hardy Boy and Nancy Drew Series, and I watch/read them in any capacity I can find them in. I'm a pretty fan of them, but the Nancy Drew Files, and the Graphic Novel, The Big Lie, are completely different. They are a more modern take on the old classics, with a much more grown up appeal, I think that's what attracts me to them so much. I've been trying to read one new and one classic, but the library only has a few of the files, and a lot more of the classics. 


  So far, I have only finished reading and reviewing Alive by Chandler Baker. Baker is also the author of Teen Frankenstein which is what I'm currently reading along with Secrets Can Kill, and The Big Lie. 

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