#FightingGameMonth #2: Favorite Fighting Game Characters

 Hey Gang! 

  I can't believe January is already over. Since the month moved at light speed, I guess I'll finish it off with my favorite characters. I'm very partial to games that allow you to have a three-person team. I love Streetfighter because I grew up on it, but it really does need to get with the program and switch to team play. 

King: No matter what King Of Fighters I'm playing, King is my go to. She's always in my main three. She was the first character I discovered in King of Fighters, and she has never failed me. Her kicks are powerful, and I love how calm and cool her demeanor is. 


B. Jenet: She is Queen of the Pirates and a dangerous cyclone all in one. My favorite finisher is when she sweeps you up in her skirt and spins you out. She's amazing, and they really need to bring her back. I experienced her in Garou: Mark Of The Wolves. 

 Shermie: Although her moves were very fast, and her kicks were dangerous, I never quite got the mechanics of her moving around in that super tight skirt. But once she starts her Cartwheel kicks, watch out! I experienced her in KOF '97.


 Zaki: My Go to leader in Project Justice. You're able to fight with a group of three in this amazing arcade fighter for the Dreamcast, her badass persona, long girl gang skirt, and dangerous chain make her a force to be reckoned with. 


 Momo: An adorable character from Project Justice, she will pelt you with her tennis ball and racket, she's fast and dangerous, so definitely don't underestimate her. She's great for far away attacks as well. 


Cammy: My go to Street Fighter character. She's lightning fast, and her kicks are pretty amazing. Working for Interpol, she stops girls from becoming dolls for Shadaloo. Her Costume is awesome and she never failed me when I was doing the tournament circuit.


Mature: Rounds out my team for King Of Fighters. I think I have a thing for Bad ass characters in long skirts. I totally blame UO for that. Mature is always my back up. She crawls along the floor waiting for her enemy to think she's defenseless and then she STRIKES! Her backhands are so dangerous that they draw blood!


Morrigan: I think Darkstalkers was my second gaming love. I love that characters like Morrigan and Felicia gained such a following that you can see them in more recent games such as Project X Zone 2. Queen of Hell, she's able to fly, shoot star missiles and multiply herself. 


Felicia: Literally the go-to leader of my triple team in Marvel V. Capcom 3. She's small, fast, and sharp all over. her cat reflexes and specials are awesome. My favorite finisher is when she grabs onto you, and just scratches at your head, for like 6 or 7 moves, it will really cut an enemy down to size. (see what I did there?)


Who are your favorites?

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