Art Wants of 2018

 Hey Gang!

 I am so excited about the fact that it's a new and fresh year! I thought it would be fun to tell you guys a few thoughts about the creative projects I want to create this year! I did a good job making last year a creative one, but I want to do even more this year! Here are a few things I want to accomplish. 

- I want to experiment with photography as well. I have a secret project that I will be working on throughout the year. I hope I can complete at least three of them before 2019!

- Attempt Embroidery Hoop Screenprinting

- Create My Own T-shirt design


- Design a Tote Bag. 

- Shoot 3 film Rolls, and develop the prints. (I'll have this completed by the 8th, so I'm going to up the number a bit. )

- Draw more Pokemon. There are only 31 pages left in my sketchbook.


- I bought a Watercolor book, so I want to do more painting. 

- I have a brother everything in one, and I want to start using it more. I want to scan in my drawings and practice painting them digitally. 

- I want to paint more pumpkins. 

- I want to shoot a black and white roll of film. 

- I want to experiment more with my videos. I want to do different types, and film with different things. 

- I want to try to turn out more content, I want to try for four posts a week. 

- I want to do D.I.Y. At Least 2 projects this year. 

- I also want to do more knitting this year. I didn't knit a single thing in 2017! I want to change that this year. 

What are some creative projects you want to accomplish this year?

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