Countdown to Black Panther #1 : 5 things you Didn't Know about Black Panther

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 Are you Excited? There are officially 5 days left until Black Panther hits theaters!! I've been such a fan of the Marvel Universe and it's expansion and I really didn't think Black Panther wasn't going to be made. I've never seen so many black and brown bodies in a film without violence, slavery, or stereotypes. I'm so excited that I can't stand it. 


 As a geek blogger, I feel it was my duty to create content for this amazing event. So welcome to the Countdown. I will be using this entire week to bring you as much Black Panther Content as I can muster. So, let's start with some education, here are five things you (probably) didn't know about Black Panther. 

Black Panther is a hereditary Role. It is passed through the Royal Family as long as they can pass the strenuous test. They come before Bast (Panther God) and are tested, if they pass, they can wear the regal costume, and imbued with the powers of all the Panthers before them. T'Challa takes power after the death of his father, (seen in Civil War). 

T'Challa has genius level intellect, rivaling Dr. Reed, and supplements his amazing strength and martial skills with super tech that he creates himself. (In the MCU, Shuri creates all the tech in Wakanda. As a 16-year-old. Yeah. Stark Who?) Due to his intellect, and leadership skills he has been recruited by Cabal, Namor's League of Super Villains, and he declined. 


Although Black Panther is Marvel's First Black Superhero appearing in Fantastic Four #52, he predated the Black Panther Party, and because Marvel was trying to avoid "controversy" his name was changed to Black Leopard for a time. 

T'Challa incurred wrath because the Dora Milaje come from every section of Wakanda and they represent potential queens. They are highly skilled in martial arts, and hand to hand combat, and they protect the King. T'Challa bypassed all Milaje and decided to marry Storm, even though it didn't last very long. 

After needing to re-train after losing the battle with Doctor Doom, he takes on the Moniker of Mr. Okonkwo and takes over patrolling Hell's Kitchen, after the events of Shadowland, drive Daredevil away. His new enemy is Vlad Dinu and styles himself after the Impaler. He Manages the Devil's Kitchen, a diner that allows him to learn more about the citizens in a civilanesque way. 


Did you know these things about Black Panther?

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