Countdown to Black Panther #2: 5 Things You didn't Know about Shuri

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 Today, I'm going to tell you a few things you (probably) didn't know about T'Challa's sister Shuri. According to the MCU, she creates all of Wakanda's Tech. I'm sorry, Stark Who?

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Even before taking over the Black Panther mantle, Shuri possessed superior martial art skills. When you take on the Black Panther mantle, you eat the heart herb, and you are given superior strength, speed and all the powers of the Panthers before you.

Shuri is the only Panther to possess Transmorphic powers. She can Shapeshift herself or anyone she is with into a large black bird or a flock of blackbirds. Her suit is made of Vibranium.


Shuri is brought back from the dead, and during her time on Djalia, which is a spiritual Plane which holds all of the memories of Wakandan's of yore. While there, she trained with a Griot spirit, whose powers she retained upon her return to the mortal plane. 

Shuri leads the Wakandan Army twice. During Killmonger's Invasion and The Secret Invasion of the Skrulls. She is head of Wakandan's School of Alternative Studies. 

While T'Challa is comatose after refusing the Cabal's invitation and being attacked by Doom and the rest of the members, Ororo nominated Shuri to take the Black Panther Mantle, but Bast rejects her over her jealousy of her brother's position and her "arrogance" in the Gods presence. She takes the costume anyway in order to defeat Doom and save her brother. Her prowess and victory impressed Bast, and she was later imbued with the powers of the Panthers before. 


DId You know these things about Shuri?

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