Series #60: Riverdale Season 3 Pilot Thoughts

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With Halloween on its way, all of the spooky shows we know and love are making their way back to our television screens and I can’t wait to start talking about what I thought of them. With the season finale of Riverdale, ending with Archie being arrested for murder, I couldn’t wait for the next season to see what in the hell they were going to pull next.


So while we were away for half a year, only a summer has passed for Archie and his pals, and they didn’t spend it the way they would like. They’ve spent the last summer helping Archie fight his court case, mom has come in from Chicago to be his attorney, and Betty Has been a legal aide for Mary and Josie’s mother, Sierra.

Jughead has been sending out scouts keeping an eye on whatever the Ghoulies are up to in Southside, under their new leader, Penny. During the Riot, the serpents lost track of Hot Dog, and then he was spotted, chained up to the Ghoulies territory. Penny decides that since the Serpents are in the Northside, that they shouldn’t wear the jackets anymore.


On the day that the jury has made their decision, Doiley comes to visit Jughead, to tell him about the Gargoyle King. The jury lets us know that their hung, they can’t decide whether or not Archie did it. Without a decision from the jury its a mistrial, giving them the proper time to find the evidence to save Archie.

Despite the growth that literally every other character has gone through during the summer, Archie hasn’t learned shit. He still sacrifices way too much, for way to little. He decides that even though his mothers literal job is to be a lawyer, that he’s put them through too much and can’t do it again, even though he’s ignoring legal counsel, and decides to take a deal that would put him in the juvenile detention center for manslaughter.


Coming home to deal with the faullout, Jughead finds that Doyle is gone but in his place is a Dungeon Masters map, one that looks just like Riverdale. He follows it to the Fox Forest, where he find a humongous statue built out of bones of the Gargoyle king and underneath it? Two boys in their underwear, backs bloody from carvings and looking like fresh sacrifices. Oh and Betty’s Mother and Sisters have been turned into witches by the farm.

I didn’t miss anything but at the same time, I feel like I missed everything. Riverdale has a way of always upping the anti and I am very excited to keep up with it in the upcoming season. With Sabrina on its way, and Legacies coming to the CW, I know where I’m going to be for the rest of the year.


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