Finished #4: Works in Progress #1

Hey Gang!

Originally, I only wanted to blog about my finished creative projects, but then I realized, that there were going to be pretty big gaps in between the posts, because I wasn’t writing about what I had been working on until they were finished. So I thought it would be fun to talk about some of the projects that I’m working on right now.


The last time we talked about creative projects, I had just started reading patterns, and I was pretty excited about having completed one without much difficulty. Right after that, I started on the Greenwich Cape, a We Are Knitters, pattern. I loved it! It was super easy to read and understand, and I zoomed through it, only took me a couple of weeks to finish, without working on it full time. I finished it in a purple worsted yarn and I gave it to my best friend, but not before I snuck some pictures of my work!


I decided that I wanted to try a pattern with a bit more difficulty, and so I started on a hooded scarf, but the difficulty has been giving me a rough time, so I’ve put it on the back burner until I have more time to deal with it. I’m currently working on a Battleship Yamato pillow for my father, its about 80% done, originally I was going to make it a long cylinder like the ship, but then I decided it would be easier if I made it a square pillow and I could do increases at the end to make it more ship like.


I’ve stitched everything, leaving a spot to stuff the pillow, I’m going to put on felt portholes and gun stations, but other than that its pretty much almost done. I’m also working on a crochet hat in a really thick teal wool, winter may have snuck up on me, but I’’ll be damned if I don’t whip up something simple to combat it.


Since I’ve been making decent headway on some projects, I decided to treat myself by heading out to Michaels and picking up some clearance yarn, or at least that’s how it had started. I got one skein of clearance yarn, and two regularly priced stripped Carson balls that were way too pretty to pass up. Also, can we talk about how pretty the new Caron X Pantone yarn collection is from Yarnspirations?! I didn’t have any ideas for the palletes were available in the store, but I absolutely fell in love with the peach blush parfait colorway, I definitely need it in my life.


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