#Series 62: Riverdale: Fortune and Men’s Eyes Thoughts

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Yeah, I’m back with another episode thought post. Two weeks in a row, lets see how long I can keep this up. Riverdale never ceases to amaze me. Originally, I’d never read the Riverdale comic, I had started with Chilling adventures of Sabrina and thought its written by the same people this should be good. I went in thinking it was going to be a more mature version of the Archie Wierd Mysteries which I had enjoyed when I was younger.

The first two seasons definitely had mysteries to solve, but none of them had a supernatural tilt. They are changing all of this in season three. I want to preface the rest of this article by saying I’m going to be talking about what I think is going on which will probably lead to some spoilers, if you haven’t seen the first two episodes of Season three, I suggest avoiding both of my Riverdale posts until you are caught up.



Episode one ended with Betty having a seizure, after witnessing what she thought was her mother and sister tossing her nieces in the fire, and them flying. I probably would have had one too because for a town with no supernatural tilt, that’s definitely not something you are going to see every day. However in episode two, they play it off as a trick of the light and a cookout.


But now, Dilton is dead, Ben is in a coma, there is a missing scout, and Ethel is leaving weird voodoo looking talismans in hospital rooms for protection. Everything seems to be coming back to Gargoyles and Gryphons and it’s diety the Gargoyle King. Princess Etheline lets them know that Dilton has his own underground bunker in the woods and how they’ve been playing the game in there.

Ethel says she’ll lead them to the bunker, but instead Betty and Jughead are met by the Gargoyle King himself, who isn’t very fast mind you. Which lends me to believe, A. It’s a student, or B. It’s An old man. Either way, it isn’t supernatural, which is kind of disappointing, but the end of the episode kind of has me leaning towards a pact that has to deal with the game.


My suspicions are confirmed by the ending scene. My main concern with this episode is that it introduces Archie’s Cellmate, Mad Dog, literally the third black male character with lines appears, and I really want him to take Archie under his wing, and help him to survive his time in the big pen. But thats not what happened, Mad Dog appeared, Mad Dog gave cryptic advice, Mad Dog backed Archie when he wanted to have a football game in the yard, and then Mad Dog disappeared, along with all of his stuff and then the Guard tells Archie he died in the “riot”. The riot he wasn’t even part of because he was pulled out just before by the warden.

So what does it mean to be tapped? What exactly does the Warden have in mind for Archie or his predecessor Mad Dog? Isolated, Alone, told when to come and leave, a lot of this is pointing to a lot of things much darker than a suicide pact made decades ago. I need them to really dig deep into Mad Dog’s disappearance, in the next episode, or Archie’s football game won’t be the only riot they’ll see this season.


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