Octoween #1 : She-Ra

Hey Gang!

So I had all of October planned out. I knew when costumes were coming in and when they were going to go up on the blog. I had the cemeteries planned out, and I was so proud of how organized October was going to be on Nerdette At Large. Then life happened to look over and Said, “Nah.” So now I’m finally getting around to putting together and photographing the months costumes even thought theres literally 10 left in the month!


The costume consists of a blonde wig I bought on Amazon years ago, and somehow still has life. The Tank top from the She-Ra Underoo’s Set. A white circle skirt, also from Amazon, and the God Eater from Wonder-Woman, I bought right after the film came out.


Are you dressing up this month? Let’s talk about it on Twitter!

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