Octoween #5: Bubblegum Witch

Hey Gang!

Thursday, started Halloween week at my jobs, so I started to put together even more costumes, and because I was working, time kind of got away from me. I wasn’t necessarily sure what I could get away with at my job because its business casual. So i played it safe and wore a pink dress, and dressed up as a witch!


Once I started wearing the costume however, I realized with some tweaking, that I could definitely turn it into pinkie pie at a later date, which is awesome! Despite how much fun you may be having it can always be ruined by an asshole, so keep you creative spirit high, and laugh in their face later! During my day of wearing this costume, I had someone say to my face “ GOD! I hope that isn’t your real hair!” I smiled and looked at her and replied, OH GOODNESS, What A lovely CRONE Costume you’re wearing today! Glad to see people in the spirit.” and walked away.


Halloween is my favorite time of the year and society deems it acceptable to only wear costumes during this one time of the year, so I refuse to let anyone ruin my fun!


This costume consists of a pink long sleeved dress from Rue 21, a witches hat from Michaels and a wig I got on sale after Halloween last year from Walmart.


Are you dressing up this month? Let’s talk about it on Twitter!

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