Octoween #6: Alice In Wonderland

Hey Gang!

Friday, I was able to read over the regulations of costumes for work, so I could be better prepared for Halloween week. I decided to go the Disney Route and do Alice in Wonderland! I took the costume that I originally had for Fred, and I’m glad I did, because it fits so perfectly for Alice. I think it would be better to use jeans, when doing Fred next time.


This costume consists of A Blue Skirt with Braces from Amazon, a White bodysuit from Rue 21, Blond wig from Amazon, and a Aquamarine bow from Charlotte Rouse.


I thought it was very weird, that someone thought I was Cinderella, but going through the pictures, if I had a bun, and no ribbon, it would possibly be seen. I think it’s so hilarious how many people have gotten my costumes wrong, even though they’re super recognizable characters.


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