Octoween: The Rundown

Hey Gang!

Welcome to Octoween! Every year, I try my hardest to create Halloween centric content all month. This year, I’m trying to do more cosplay and D.I.Y. So here’s a list of costumes I’m hoping to finish this month, and show you how you can make a version yourselves! This month is pretty ambitious so I apologize in advance if I don’t actually complete these costumes, but this is the goal.

There’s no way I’d be able to stitch up all of these costumes this month, so these will be closet cosplays, made out of clothes that are already made, and I already own. I chose all of these characters, because they had blonde hair and simple costumes, there’s no way to put a wig overtop my dreads, so I had to go with the hair I already had.

- Genderbent Fred: Supplies: Orange Ribbon, White Crop Top, Blue Sailor Shorts with Suspenders.


- Powergirl: Supplies: Red Cape and White Bodysuit.


- Ms. Marvel: Supplies: Red Cape, Black Bodysuit, and Black Gloves.


-AppleJack: Supplies: Cowboy Hat, Flannel Top, and Orange Bodysuit.


-Bowsette: Supplies: Black Bodysuit and Gold Crown. I’m forgoing the Turtle shell. My Bodysuit hasn’t come in yet. So I can’t take a picture of it, but since it’s my main costume for Halloween, I’m hoping it will come in in the next couple of weeks!

I’m going to try and do shoots outside of the house for each costume throughout the month of October! Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is released on Netflix on the 26th of October. I’ve decided to create a jacket design based off of their date reveal, and do a video review of each episode. I’ll be posting about the series and the D.I.Y. process, so follow me on youtube, and follow #caosreigns on twitter, because that will be my hashtag for the show!


For October, the Let’s Go On An Adventure will be Cemetery Tours! I’m so excited to show you a few awesome cemeteries in my city this month! There’s already one up on youtube as I walk you through a small cemetery near Kings Island. 


I look forward to spooking you all month!

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