Series #63: Legacies: First Thoughts

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With Thanksgiving right around the corner, what better way to spend my new found free time than to catch up on television? Enter, Legacies. The continuation of the fictional supernatural phenomenon that was Vampire Diaries.

I was around for the original. I can still remember grabbing all of L.J. Smith’s Novels from my locals library and reading them late into the night. When I saw CW was going to make it into a tv show, I thought hmm, that could be good. 7 seasons later my shattered emotions just couldn’t take anymore. That show was a roller coaster on my already fragile feelings for fictional characters. I didn’t even finish the show, I finished the novels, but when books become television programs its pretty rare that they completely follow the source material.


Legacies pickes up years later, I assume, after Alaric has turned the Salvatore home/college into a school for the supernatural. A school where there’s plenty of witches, werewolves and vampires are taught to control their abilities, and to be set out in the real world where they can become who and what they want to be. I was all for it, until I watched the pilot.

In Vampire Diaries, Alaric was always the one anyone could depend on. Taking In Elena and Jeremy when their Aunt passed, continuing to help with supernatural quests and to protect her ever growing family of humans and all matter of creatures in between. He was the vault of information and if he didn’t know the answer than he knew how to get it.


In these two episodes we are visited by three supernatural creatures, but one just doesn’t know it yet. I’m glad that they kept all origin stories and weaknesses the same for the supernatural creatures in this show. Vampire Diaries was one of the only shows to get the lore right, no need to go softening or retconning anything for a younger set with Legacies.

I think I’ll keep watching to see where it goes, I’ll give it a full season, which is a lot more than I give other shows, but its from the same producers as Vampire Diaries, it has Alaric and it isn’t shitting too hard on tradition. I think it deserves an entire season before people can comment on its potential.


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