Series #62: Riverdale: As Above So Below Thoughts (Spoilers)

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October and getting those costumes out in a timely fashion really took it out of me. By the time Halloween actually rolled around, I couldn’t even be bothered to actually dress up for Halloween. I handed out candy with my hair in a bun, wearing sweatpants. I just needed a break, and that’s what the last few days of last week was. It feels good to be back, so let’s talk some Riverdale.


The amount of times I said Holy shit during this television program just keeps increasing with every episode! I want to talk about everything, I think it should be pretty obvious by now that these contain spoilers.

Ok, so Ethel is pretty much the only member left playing Gargolyes and Griffins, or G&G and it has been nicknamed, and she had a siezure, just like Betty when she saw the floating twins. She thinks that Edgar Evernever and can we talk about how every main character that isn’t an adult has an alliteration for a name? Is controlling the seizures and how the game is played and who it’s played by.


Take into account that the parents have also played the game, who was in charge of it then? Still Evernever? I mean the parents are what in their 40’s? Early 50’s? That would have to make Evernever at least Hella Old, or something ungodly. Unless someone was running it before him? How old is the Farm? Is it something that’s passed down, like how it appears to be working betweeen Edgar and Evelyn? Trying to get it into the High School?

Let’s talk about the Speakeasy. La Bonne Nuit. I don’t drink, and I don’t plan too, but I have always wanted to spend my nights in a speak easy. The glimmer of a time long past, where everyone and everything is illicit, it’s an alluring thought. La Bonne Nuit is no exception. With Josephine as it’s residennt songstress and Kevin as it’s Emcee, it’s definitely a step in the past, in one of the best ways possible. Although, singing Anything goes, and not dressing like Josephine Baker is a severe oversight in my opinion. It’s beautiful, a work of art, and if Hiram has anything to say about it, it will become dangerous.


Veronica gets a visit from Penny, and then a delivery of Jingle Jangle, right before a surprise inspection by Sherriff Minetta, both of Whom are on Hiram’s team. They clear it all out, before opening night, but I would be weary Veronica, your father doesn’t play fair, and I don’t think you should either. Three things popped into my head after that scene. What exactly happened to all of that Jingle Jangle? What did Reggie do? Open them all and pour them down the drain? Hide them in the cabinets?

There wasn’t proper time to dispose of them all, What did Hiram actually expect to go one once Minetta found the Jingle Jangle? That they would shut down, it’s a speak easy, why wouldn’t they just reopen illegally and actually live up to their namesake? Also, when he delivered Veronica’s Portrait? I would have that swept for bugs. Would that not be the perfect way to keep an eye on your daughter?


Now, I would say for the kicker, but we haven’t even talked about Jughead playing G&G yet, so let’s cut across to Archie in Jail Hell. The only advice Mad Dog had given him was DON’t GET TAPPED, and what do you do Archie? You get tapped?! Also, I need to know what happened to Mad Dog. Although an illegal fighting ring, is pretty bad, that wasn’t nearly as dark as I thought they were going to go with it.

I was thinking inappropriate touching, perhaps a sex Slave situation, while I am happy that Mad Dog was saved from that horrible situation, it doesn’t mean the situation he had was any better. After winning two battles, Archie is given some perks of his new position and Mad Dog’s Hand me downs. Which include a small rock hammer.


Perhaps it’s just me but Archie is just too trusting. TOO TRUSTING! You don’t know those other guys, they could be just as new as you. What if they tell the Warden? What if they’re waiting for you at the end of the tunnel with Machine Guns? You’ll be dead and all that hard work, all that effort to get back to Veronica, get back to your old life? Gone, dead. Useless. I love that Archie cares about all, but he’s got to be smarter! Also, talking to a figment of his father? I’m glad it gave him the advice he needed but that definitely isn’t something that’s going to go away anytime soon.

Now let’s talk about Jughead delving into the world of G & G. I knew some fuck shit was going to happen as soon as Ethyl says only Jughead can come play the game. What I wasn’t expecting was what I found. Neither apparently was Jughead. Having to kiss Princess Etheline to get the rule book? Then when FP burned it? I knew there was more to this then they were letting on, and then when Jughead walked into the school and saw that every kid had a players manuel?! OH MAN! The perfect way to finish an episode. I’ve been itching to watch the next one!


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