Octoween #7: THE END.

Hey Gang! I know Halloween has been over for a week, but I still have a few costumes to talk about.

Winnie The Pooh: I literally woke up Saturday morning and was like… I COULD BE WINNIE THE POOH! So at 9 am I headed out to my nearest Michael’s to pick up a red t-shirt because I don’t actually own one, and yellow felt for his ears. I cut the collar off the t- shirt because I really enjoy off the shoulder looks, I paired it with Red varsity socks, and a yellow skirt I already owned.


Tigger: I was on a high from how adorable my Pooh costume was, and thought I would continue 100 Acre wood costumes, until I woke up from a double and looked not cute at all. I literally only have one photo of this costume because I wasn’t really feeling it and I was freezing at work, so I spent most of the day in my Audre Sweatshirt. I got a keyhole orange top from target (also didn’t own one for some reason) wore it with leggings. I made the ears with orange and pink felt, and made the stripes with a sharpie.


Utena Tendou: I came across the dress on etsy and had to have it, and then when I was putting together costumes for work, the idea to do something Utena-adjacent popped into my head and I could’t Let it go. It’s not necessarily her full look because she’s always wearing shorts and her school uniform and that was something I couldn’t get away with at work, but I was pretty proud of my attempt. It’s a cotton candy wig, I actually purchased for an Anne Wheeler costume that I never put together, and the god killer sword I got from Walmart. None of the people I saw during the day recognized who I was supposed to be. I think I get hipster points for being an anime character no one recognizes right?


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