Series #64: Deadly Class: Pilot : Thoughts and Questions.

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Welcome to another year of Nerdette At Large, here’s to hoping it’s even better than the last. Today, we’re talking about another SYFY original series, Deadly Class. An adaptation of the graphic novel by Remender and Craig, the television show follows disillusioned homeless teen, Markus as he comes to grips with the opportunity presented by Kings Dominion. An academy that will teach him the deadly arts, show him how to use the pistol of justice to right political wrongs.


Now I’m not going to pretend that I knew this was going to become a show or that I was a fan. I didn’t read the comics, although I saw them on the shelf. When I saw the trailer for Deadly Class for the first time, I thought Saya was Cassandra Cain and I thought they were giving her a show, to say I was disappointed was an understatement, however, that was my own fault.

The show will premiere on the 16th of January on SYFY at 10p.m. Every Wednesday. They put the pilot on Youtube, which is genius if you ask me because I don’t have cable, so had I not seen the commercial while at work, I wouldn’t have known it had existed, with the tease of a full episode on Youtube, you’re effectively bringing in a large group of people to watch it when it premieres, including me!


I’m excited to see exactly what the main cast will get up to in this series. I think its pretty unique to have so many different types of people come together with one common purpose. Sure that purpose is to murder, but hey, you can’t win them all. Just like every high school, the students are split up into factions, but the main cast includes: Marcus, the rat (no affiliation), everyone thinks he burned down the boys home he belonged to in order to escape the horrors he received there. Maria, part of the Sato Vito’s, and dating the asshole Chico, Willie, the Leader of the F.W.O, Saya, Marcus’ sponsor and head of the Kuruoki syndicate.


My favorite characters so far are definitely Saya, Marcus and Petra. I’m hoping to see big things from her in the near future. While I didn’t read the comics, I knew they were a bit on the gory and violent side, I wondered how they would get away with it on SYFY, but they seem to be doing a good job so far. We probably won’t see the mutilated corpses of their victims, but hey beggars can’t be choosers. I’m pretty pleased with the lack of censorship I saw in the pilot.

Will Marcus accomplish his ultimate goal? Will Willie overcome his fear? Will Saya kiss Marcus again? Will Petra get more speaking parts? If Murder is a class assignment what’s the dissertation? These are all of the questions I have after watching the pilot and I hope to see a few of them solved in the next episode.

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