Countdown to Black Panther #3: 5 Things You Didn't know about the Dora Milaje

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 It's D-Day! Black Panther is finally out in theaters for everyone to see. I need you to go see it, this weekend. I know us normal joes have silly things like jobs and obligations, but we have to represent. All comic/movie fans from all over need to come up, show out, and man their battle stations! 


 I'm wrapping up my countdown by talking about the Dora Milaje today. Pronounced. Do-Rah Mi-Lah- Shay! Knowing is half the battle. *Put the rest in the comments so I know its real.* The Dora Milaje are the adored ones, and they are ceremonial Wives-in- training for the Black Panther. 

 They were brought back into active duty to promote peace after T'Challa's engagement to Monica Lynn didn't pan out. He didn't see the "teenagers" as future wives but instead daughters. This outlook created some issues later on when two of them broke off to create the Midnight Angels, who were vigilantes. 


 The Dora Milaje premiered in 1998, in Black Panther Vol. 3 #1 and were created by Priest and Texeria. The Dora Milaje are bodyguards for the Black Panther, and they come from every tribe of Wakanda. 

 The Dora Milaje only speak Hausa, which is a dialect only taught to them, and the King. That way they can speak freely with an air of privacy. They stayed during the Marriage between T'Challa and Ororo, and during an accident at the White House, They fought War Machine and his sentinels. (Think about that for a minute.) When Iron Man and His Cape Killers (THINK ABOUT THAT for a minute) came to the Wakandan Embassy Storm refused to let them in. 


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