Adventures with Spokhette #23: Oak Hill Cemetary and Portraiture

Hey Gang!

 My number one goal for 2018, is to be more creative. I want to spend the entire year doing lots of different type of creative things, and completing awesome projects, I mainly want to do more with my photography, digital and film. My friend Sheneal, is taking a photography class, and since we were already going out to do her pictures, I figured I'd bring along my Canon, and attempt some photography as well!


 Ever since I remodeled my photography site, to be more on hand, I noticed that I hadn't shot anything digital. I was scanning in my film prints so I could show it to you, but I hadn't realized that going out with Sheneal was the first time I broke out my Canon 70D in 2018. Which is just absolutely unacceptable!


 We gave ourselves over to the elements during this adventure. We wanted to get some pretty artsy shots in, so we were standing inbetween branches, and hiding in the trees and bushes, and braving the snow that had decided to randomly fall. We wrapped out Cameras in plastic bags to protect them, and our hands, fingers, and feet was frozen solid by the end of it. We were only out there for 30 minutes I think.


 We had lunch at O'Charleys, my first time there by the way. Sheneal got the Steak and Chicken Tenders (you read that right) I got the Salmon and Steak, and we shared Overloaded Potato Skins, which were delicious! There was an adorable bench in the foyer, so we took some pictures there too!


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