Series #47: Teen Wolf Season 1

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  Black Panther was glorious. I saw it on Thursday and I already want to go see it again! While I was trying to find something to watch after finishing Magician's Season One, I remembered that I had access to Amazon video through my prime membership. While I was looking through the selection I came across Teen Wolf, which I watched a little bit when it first came out, but I kind of lost interest. What better way to keep me busy than to start watching it? With it having the entire series, it was be something easy to binge watch. Within the last week, I finished Seasons one, two and the first half of season three. Let me share some thoughts. 

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 One of the biggest things I loved in season one, was the growth of Scott's character. When I first started watching, I really didn't like him, he was so whiny. When he became a werewolf, he literally became worse. Woe is me, now I'm lightning fast and super strong, I can hear from miles away, and I'm no longer asthmatic, but literally let me whine about everything I possibly can in a 40-minute episode. 

 My favorite character for season one definitely has to be Stiles. I have such a soft spot for the sidekick. I love that Stiles is a mystery/occult buff like I am, and he is such a good friend. When Scott made out with Lydia, I was pretty pissed at him. He was definitely breaking best friend code, She's been a crush of Stiles literally forever, wolf or not, he knew she was off limits. 


 The character I hated the most in season one can be evenly split between Peter and Kate. I wonder why the Argent's didn't tell Gerard that Kate broke the code. If they did would he have still declared war? The biggest question I had this season is what is Mr. Deaton? He knows about old magic. Is he a shapeshifter as well? Or something even more awesome? he took that chair like it was nothing!


My favorite scene of Season one is Stiles convincing Lydia to come dance with him. How could she refuse him after that? He's so adorable. One thing I would have changed in this season was the lack of LGBT representation, Danny was the only one I spotted, and the lack of Diversity, Deaton and Danny were the only of color cast members this season. 

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