January Favorites '18

 Hey Gang!

  Can you believe that January is over? Because I can't! Where is the time going? I thought 2017 went fast but it looks like 2018 is going to try to surpass it. A lot of things happened this month that I wasn't really able to blog about but that is one of my favorite things about monthly favorites is that anything you couldn't fit in you can just word dump at the end. I have a lot of pictures that I take throughout the month that isn't enough for an entire blog post but can be fun with multiple ones! 

 Here are a few things I loved this month. 

 - Getting my film developed.  I did a whole video about how my pictures turned out but I was very excited about getting four rolls developed, even when only one and a half turned out. It was my very first time, and there are some things that I had to learn the hard way, but that's the best way for me. I'm definitely a physical learner. 


- Playing through the Uncharted Series. I bought the Nathan Drake Collection which includes the first three for the PS4 and then I bought Uncharted four. I've played the first one on the ps3, but since I want to do the PlayStation 4 more, and I want to be ready for any new games that come out, and the quality is definitely better. I'm 60% through Drake's Fortune right now. 


- Getting a New Desk.  I finally bit the bullet and got an Ikea desk. I was using a foldable picnic table for the longest time at least the last four years, and I am very glad to have a steady place to create. The desk is WAY bigger than I was expecting, but I am so in love with it.


- Redoing my Photography Site. I decided to redo Checkmate Photo, I talk about it in Monday's post. I wanted to do something different, and I love it. Before, it came off as a brand or a business, and although I occasionally do shoot for profit, I wanted it to be more of a journey and blog than a website for booking. Now it is, plus you can see my portfolio by year, which is something I'm really proud of. 


- Reading 4 books This Month. I not only read four books this month, but I also reviewed them on Goodreads! I'm pretty proud of that, it's about a book a week! I read Alive by Chandler Baker, Die For You by Amy Fellner Dominy, Consent by Nancy Ohlin, and Truly Madly Deadly by Hannah Jayne. 

jan books.PNG

- Ordering Pins from @kaiami. I bought four pins, the Cat Ghost, Witch, Jellyfish UFO, and Her side Profile with Bubblegum. Her logo gives me major Pink Ladies Vibes and I LOVE IT! They arrived super fast, and even came with a pair of embroidered socks! 


What are you loving this month? 

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