Series #48: Teen Wolf Season 2

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  I’m really starting to get into Teen Wolf. I’m working on the second half of season three right now! I’m definitely loving the increased diversity in this season! I thought it would fun to talk about all the things I liked or didn’t like in season two, here are my thoughts. 


  I thought it was really interesting that Issac didn’t recognize Matt in school, I mean Derek’s pack shared classes with Scott and Stiles, so they definitely would have crossed paths. His pack really grew on me as the season went on. Especially Issac, he actually became a pretty worthwhile character. I even started to like him a little. 


 I knew as soon as they introduced Gerard I wasn’t going to like him, but my hatred grew after he twisted everything about Allisons’ mother’s dead around. Let’s talk about her death as well, Did she really have anyone but herself to blame? Scott was minding his own business, and she tried to kill him. That’s attempted murder, plain and simple. 


 Can we really just forgive Allison so easily? It took one “letter” to sway her loyalties. Who even knows if her mother wrote it? Gerard could have easily re-written it and sealed it, and suddenly she’s just ready to plow down innocent werewolves? What happened to the code of conduct? Why didn’t Chris have more balls? They said that the women make the decisions, so did Victoria justify the code before Kate? She seemed pretty trigger happy to me. 

 Can we also talk about Jackson becoming a maneuverable killing machine? When they were having the guidance Conselor Morell translate, she said friend instead of master. Did she do that on Purpose? Or was she just not that knowledgeable on Ancient Latin? It’s obvious that Denton and Morrell are ...something, but what? I really want to know, because if they aren’t shape shifters, then maybe there something even more powerful. 


   I also feel some type of way about Matt becoming a serial killer, rampaging the school and having that stalker crush on Allison. I was all for the secret relationship Allison and Scott had to keep up appearances but having her go out with Matt was definitely not a good idea. I’m a little irked that we never really got to see what was going on with the Chemistry Teacher, Harris. He always had his hand in something and he’s definitely guilty , I just don’t know what yet! I was surprised and pleased when Scott finally had to come clean to his mother, about being a Werewolf. I love when the children who have special powers are completely honest with their parents. It would solve so many miscommunications if people were just honest with each other. 


 Scott being such a fast thinker that he poisoned Gerard when he went to get the one thing that he wanted was pretty genius. I love that he is always one step ahead even when he doesn’t think he is. He really would be a great alpha, if he ever got the opportunity. 

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