Handheld Mistress #41: Solving Mysteries and Taking Names.

Hey Gang!

  I know it's been a while since I've talked about gaming on my channel, but don't worry, I haven't stopped doing it! Boy Wonder just got done putting up new shelves for our brand new entertainment center. I am absolutely in love with the way it looks, but it's pretty obvious that we definitely need some more space. 

Spokhette's Gaming Station.jpg

 I went to Gamestop the other day and had full intentions of buying two games. Persona Dancing All Night for the psvita, which I hardly ever see in store and was so excited about and Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter. I had been thinking for a while that I wanted to get more games for the PS4 and actually start using it, especially to start streaming more often.

 When I got to the counter, I was so disappointed to learn that the store I was in had the case for Dancing all night, but not the actual cartridge. That's never happened to me before. I've been looking for that game for a pretty long time, it was one of the reasons I wanted to pick up a Psvita, and I really like buying things in person. I know I could pick it up off Amazon for a song, but that's just so weird to me, and I honestly can't explain why. I think it is a similar feeling as to why I enjoy comics in person, and that I love going to comic shops then buying them online or in Barnes and noble. 

 I took Sherlock Holmes home and upgraded to the elite pro member card. Which is pretty cool if you guys don't know you get 30 points per dollar spent and more money off of preowned games. I love preowned games, I don't see the need to buy it brand new if the pre-owned one works just as well and will save me some money that I can use on buying more games or gear is always pretty awesome. 

The Devil's Daughter Mystery One.jpg

 I streamed the first mystery from Sherlock on my twitch! It's still up if you'd like to watch it. I'm trying to stream at least once a week, and I'm working on a schedule for streaming, so follow me on there so you don't miss me. The first mystery took me almost three hours, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. 

 The other day I was out having brunch with my mother and little sister and there was a GameStop across the street so of course, I had to go check it out. There were two adorable girls working the counter. There's just something special about walking into a game store and seeing women working there, it just makes me so much more comfortable. With my upgrade, it gave me a buy two, get one free coupon, so I bought Collar X Malice for PSVita, Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite, and Mirror's Edge: Catalyst. 


 I've been spending the last two nights playing the story in Marvel Vs. Capcom. It's a pretty interesting story, but I am not at all impressed with the lack of X-men characters or the character design. Captain America looks like a Turtle. Captain Marvel just looks like a blond woman wearing the costume, and the men's shoulders are just so wide, they look super awkward. The fighting style follows the others and those mechanics is why it's one of my favorite arcade fighters. It's a nice little bit of nostalgia. I am not able to stream it because they have the cutscenes and fighting blocked, I'm hoping I'll be able to stream survival or online battles at least. 

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