Cinema #35: Films for the Romantic

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  Can you believe Valentine's day is only a couple of days away? Where is 2018's speeding ticket?! I think it's going faster than 2017. I always try to get content out for the holidays and I thought it would be fun to talk to you guys about some of my favorite movies to watch on Valentine's Day. I don't talk about my relationship online a lot, but I am definitely a hopeless romantic, and what better way to show it then through romantic films? I thought about doing a book one too, but I don't like Romance Novels nearly as much. 

 Twilight: I was such a huge fan of this series. When the books came out I'd read everything waiting on Breaking Dawn. Then the Films came out and I was excited about those as well, the first one especially. When MTV was still relevant I used to check out their twilight section daily to see if anything new had been posted before the movie had come out, and I know I have at least seen the first one more than 40 times. The way you can feel the emotion from Bella and Edward in the books and in the movies are just so palpable. 


 He's Just Not That Into You: This is my go-to movie when I'm feeling down. The gist of the film is that there are all of these different couples that have all these different situations, and there are two cheaters, that aren't the greatest of people. Eventually, all of the couples get sorted out and you're left with the main character who just wants to be in a relationship where she is loved and appreciated. She meets a guy who teaches her "all the rules" and she puts herself out there and is rejected, and it causes her to think about how she treats relationships. It's a Happy Ending, I promise. 


 500 Days Of Summer. I LOVE THIS FILM! One, I'll watch anything with Joseph Gordon Levitt in it. Two, The aesthetics of this film just speak to me, all of the light blues and pinks, and its just such a pretty film. This film always makes me cry. Just because I'm crying doesn't make it a sad film, it just really speaks to my heartstrings and that's my reaction to anything that gets my emotions running. PLUS THE SOUNDTRACK!


 Love and Other Disasters: I found this film on Netflix quite a few years ago and I was obsessed. It stars Brittany Murphy as a Fashion editor's assistant, and she has this idea of love as something following the storyline of Breakfast at Tiffany's, but she is quickly proven differently. The Aesthetics of this film is really good as well, the colors, and the fashion!


 Drive Me Crazy: I constantly think of this as the very first romantic film I'd ever seen. I had a huge crush on Adrian Grenier because of this film. Just watching his adorable nerdy scruffy self get cleaned up for a girl he will eventually have feelings for is always a great watch. The High School setting was also big for me since I was homeschooled, Films and television series were really the only vestiges of real-life communication and high school-esque scenarios that I had. Plus the SOUNDTRACK, Is this Really Happening to Me, is still the jam.


 10 Things About You.  Like I said, Anything with Joseph Gordon Levitt. Based on Shakespeare's Taming of the shrew, I love how sure of herself Kat is. As a child who thought she was also very sheltered, I found a kindred spirit in Julia's character. Heath Ledger is the best romantic interest EVER, and the cinematography oozes with a romantic feel. The Football Field scene ALONE is enough for this to be anyone's favorite.


Are these Movies on Your list? What do you Watch?

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