Series #46: My Favorite Fictional Couples.

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 Valentine's Day is creeping up and since it's two days before Black Panther, I don't have any room for it next week! So I thought it would be fun to give you valentine's day content before the day comes up, which is pretty rare for me because we all know how am I about time management.

- Eliot and Margo (The Magicians): They are my favorite characters from the Magicians. I love their style and their relationship. One of my favorite things is their rapport. They're snarky but loving and they'd do anything for each other, including getting married to someone in a magical kingdom in order to procure a blade that will kill a child molesting, six-handed Master Magician. 


- Camille and Amanda (Stitchers): I was always a big fan of Camille, and I always loved how comfortable she is in her skin. She's always identified as Bisexual, but I was so excited when they finally gave her a female love interest. They had some hiccups but they are adorable and I really hope to see more of them in season 4.


- Morticia and Gomez (The Addams Family): The One True Pair. Sure they're creepy and Kooky, but they would die for one another, kill for one another, if that isn't true love, then I don't want it. Plus, the way Gomez stops paying attention to anything other than Morticia when she speaks any french is PDA goals.


- Betty and Jughead (Riverdale): Probably the most recent relationship on the list, but they definitely deserve the spot. I'm partial to pretty much anything in Riverdale, since Season one was such a success, in my opinion, but with the hooded murderer running amok in the city, I'm definitely excited about the closeness that they have as a couple, and also their shared interest of reporting, and writing, they'd have an awesome memoir someday. Plus, isn't it great when opposites get together?


- Richard and Sutton (Bold Type): I absolutely loved the Bold Type, and I'm really sad that they're dragging their feet on renewing for a second season. Although, Kat and Adena have a special place in my heart, their relationship kind of felt forced in the series. I love the rush you get having a secret relationship and that definitely came through in the screenplay. I just always thought they should have stayed together, and it was very obvious how much they cared about each other. 


- Bonnie and Jeremy (Vampire Diaries): I know this is considered a pretty old relationship in the terms of Vampire Diaries Fandom, but they really just struck a chord with me. As one half of an interracial couple myself, I see exactly how some people look at us, and it can be disheartening, but that is the awesome thing about love, if it's real, it will always be there to console you. I love that nothing but death broke them apart, and I honestly wish that they had found another way to stay together, I miss them. 

- Eli and Claire (Degrassi): Other than The Addams, I think this might be the oldest couple in the list, but this arc of Degrassi is definitely my favorite, and it's mostly because of this couple. Eli was brooding and alone, and Claire was perfect but a shell of what she could have been and they just brought out the best in each other. Sure Eli was a little controlling, but he literally drives a hearse, maybe he was uncomfortable with the idea of loss and wanted to make sure he didn't lose her. *Sigh* I think they might be my favorite. 


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