Monthly Favorites: Feb '18

Hey Gang!

  Yet another month has bit the dust! 2018, was speeding by, but I feel like February definitely slowed down a bit for me. I got a quite a few things done this month, and I can't wait to tell you about it. 

 The biggest thing for this month would have to be getting to See Black Panther on Thursday Night! I absolutely loved the film, and I'm still gathering my thoughts to write about it because I honestly just don't want to break the magic spell. 


 I got two different colors in my hair this month. Light Periwinkle blue for most of the month, and then silver towards the end. I just feel so good, when my hair is colored, I can't really explain why, but it definitely does something for me. 


I shot so much film this month! I got two different sets of film prints back! If you count the two rolls that crapped out on me, I shot 8 rolls of film this month. I just really love going out and exploring my city and capturing it through film. The anticipation of waiting for my prints to come back is definitely one of my favorite parts. 


I upgraded my iPad mini to a 9.7 Ipad Pro. I AM SO IN LOVE! I got a serious case with a keyboard and a stylus so I can do more art on the go. I've been churning out some pretty neat t-shirt designs lately, and I want to start doing more painting lately. 


I streamed for the first time in a while this month. I finished an entire mystery on my twitch stream a couple of days ago. It took me practically 3 hours. I was getting frustrated but glad that I stuck with it because it was a pretty neat experience. I can't wait to stream the next mystery. Make sure you follow me so you don't miss out when I go live! *shameless plug*


I visited a cemetery for the first time in a while with My friend Sheneal so she and I could both practice portraiture. I enjoy photography, but I don't get a lot of practice on actual people, so I'm always overjoyed when people want me to photograph them. 


 I got my Pokemon pins from Ieafy. They're shipping from Australia, so it takes quite a bit of time to actually get to me. I bought three: Ferret, Minun and Plusle, and Alolan Raichu because of DUH. They are so adorable and I absolutely love them. 


 Boy Wonder finally got around to building the shelving units I bought from Ikea. We didn't think they would be wide enough to hold the tv, so I bought two, but they totally were, so they took up practically the entire wall, and we still need to buy more because there isn't enough room for all of our DVDs. *sigh*


 For Valentines Day, Boy Wonder got me a body sized frog. It is as tall as I am, and I drag it around the house. If I'm gaming on the couch, I'm laying on it. If I'm lounging in my chair and watching a stream, it's there, and if I'm going to bed, I lay it over the two pillows on my side of the bed and I sleep on him. He doesn't have a name yet, but he's so soft!


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