Series #50: How To Get Away With Murder Season Two

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   Season Two has been off to a wild start, and I’m barely keeping up! I’m only on episode 13 and it’s totally become a shit storm. They wrapped up Sam pretty quickly and have moved onto this wildly complicated case about two adopted siblings brutally torturing and murdering their extremely rich parents.

 The case hangs on the testimony of the siblings aunt, who is later declared a racist, until she is also murdered and all the evidence points to the nephew. These siblings come from a full house, a rich home, full of love, money and people to  a family ripped apart and a home with one sibling while the other lies in jail for crimes she didn’t commit. 


 ADA Sinclair has a personal vendetta against Annalise after losing both the case of Annalise killing her husband Sam, and framing Nate for it. So she turns a watchful eye onto Asher and uncovers quite a mother load. He unwittingly being a part of a gangrape and having his father cover it up. Even though, his father hadn’t really helped himself by being a part of so many conflicts of interest. 

 As much as I am not a fan of Annalise you have to admire the way she can artfully twist any narrative. She turned the incest adjacent siblings into the victims of a racist, then one against the other, than covered up a hit and run with one sibling, and then being shot by Wes Again, someone reallly needs to keep the gun away from him. 


 I was loving all of the time traveling in the last couple of episodes of the season. Meeting Bonnie and Frank when they were just students in college, was pretty cool, but that swoop Frank had going on really had to go. I knew Mahoney had to be tapping Keating somehow because he always knew what she was trying to keep from him, but I definitely didn’t expect that. That Season finale was a Flipping Bomb Drop, and I was not ready for it. What was Frank thinking?! They could have KILLED her, and then where would your precious lawyer future be? Also, anyone ever notice that Frank is never actually doing any lawyering? He’s here and there, and always helping out but as far as actually doing anything in the courtroom, he doesn’t. Did he even get his Degree on did he just hang on to Analiese after the accident as penance for what he had done?

 Poor Wes, thanks to Analiese and her goons, he once again has lost someone. She pushed his mom to suicide, Bonnie killed Rebecca, and now the only father he would have known, Mahoney has been shot right in the head, inches away from him, that is one scarred man. I just don’t understand how they stick with her again and again. 


 Sure they killed Sam but all of that can be explained as self defense, especially once they plug in the pieces of the main three’s misdoings. However, if they did that, there definitely wouldn’t be anymore show, and it wouldn’t be as juicy as this.  And how could Oliver do that?! He got in, they would have been safe and gotten off Scott free, is his need for excitement that heavy that it outweighs the safety and future of his relationship and his significant other? 

 Shwoo, I did a double take when the next episode started Season three, I said to myself, I have to type this up now, before I start to lose track to the timeline of events! Can’t wait to write up the next season. 

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