March Favorites

 Hey Gang!

  You may have noticed that things look a little different around here. I took a small break from blogging. I had been doing it the same way for so long that I guess I just got a little burned out. It was almost a month break but Now I’m revitalized and ready to start again! Since I barely blogged all month, here are a few of the things I loved this month. 

 The Spy Who Loved Cookies. A Parody by Sesame Street played by Cookie Monster. The Crown cookies have been stolen and the Double Stuffed Seven is on the case! Do yourself a favor and go watch it, you won’t regret it. 


 For the first time I used a Paper Guillotine, I don’t know about anyone else but it’s completely stressful. My Parents used to both work at Kinko’s so it was no big deal for them, but watching the blade hover over my photography business Flyers, literally gave me so much anxiety that I almost cried. But the fact that I got to walk around talking about I guillotined my flyers was pretty cool.

 I started watching Furry Little Peach’s first Studio Tour again, I think it might be my favorite video of hers. Every time I watch it I just get so inspired! Unfortunately for me, I started watching it at about 2 am, so I spent the next four hours remodeling my studio. Moving Furniture, and reorganizing my bookshelf which was really fun. 


 I’ve been drawing a lot more this month, since I wasn’t spending the time writing. I drew some He-Man, Ghoul School and Scooby Doo Characters. I turned them into bears, and I really like them, I think I might go back and add some designs on the side and maybe make them into a sticker. I love drawing in Adobe on my pro, it’s so easy and I just always have it with me. I don’t like to do digital too much, so I switch back and forth pretty often. 

  When I bought the Switch, I bought Super Mario Oddessy and Bomberman R. I started playing Mario as soon as I got home and got stuck in the same spot for like a month and half. I took a break and started playing it again a couple of weeks ago and just completed the New Donk City Level! Pauline should definitely be in the new Smash Bros. I can’t wait for that, it would be amazing to play on the switch. 


   What did you get up to this month? Let’s be friends on Twitter!

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