Series #49: How To Get Away With Murder Season One

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  I just happened to glance up at the television in the coffee shop the other day, and low and behold I saw a commercial about a crossover. Olivia Pope going up against Annalise Keating. Now if you don’t watch Scandal or How to get away with Murder, and honestly I didn’t watch it either. I stopped Scandal in season 3 and I tried Season one episode one of HTGAWA, but it didn’t really jive with me.


I wasn’t really into television shows that do flashbacks and future forwards, but since I’ve discovered a serious love of mysteries, I’ve been more and more into things that take a lot more deciphering. I saw that commercial for a crossover and that was all I needed to know. I wanted to catch up with HTGAWA before the crossover episode so I wasn’t missing out on anything.  Second times the charm I guess. 

  This season definitely threw me for a loop. I also didn’t expect the season to be so long, 14 episodes were pretty steep. My favorite thing about this season was how expansive the mystery turned out to be. When the show started I thought it was pretty open and shut. I also was a huge fan of the fact that the cases that weren’t attached were still helpful in some way. Either they detailed a legal strategy that they were going to use or they revealed a piece of evidence that was key to discovering who killed Lila. 


 Although the characters definitely grew on me throughout the season I do have to say that I’m not a huge fan of Annalise. The issues she has with her husband, and that fact that time and time again he destroys any capability of faith you could possibly have for him. She put on a strong face for her students and literally everyone but herself. She would have saved herself so much trouble and them, if she had just been honest about her suspicions. Although, I was a little confused about Nate's motives, why would he lie about what he found? 

 One unique thing that I realized about this series is that it wouldn't get anywhere without the characters constantly distrusting each other. If they were more open with each other, instead of making everything a competition I don't think the mystery of Lila would have been dragged out as much, but then I can see that it probably wouldn't have been nearly as fun. 


 I was so excited to start season two, but this season left me with so many questions. Why did Frank owe Sam? What kind of a background does Bonnie come from? Why Did Nate wait so long to disclose what he knew about Sam? If Sam cheated on her twice, why did she try to protect him? What's really going on with Laurel, holding onto the wedding ring was a dick move?

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