Adventures With Spokhette #24: The Art Museum

Hey Gang!

 I know I've been talking about being more creative this year, but this post is all about the awesome shots, Sheneal and I got while we were exploring the art museum and the surrounding area. I have been trying to get over the weight of my dslr by carrying it around with me everywhere, and I may be developing arm muscles because of it! 


 We started on the outside of the museum and worked our way up to and through the second floor. There were lots of awesome figures, and frames that I latched on to, one day, I'll walk through there and photograph the actual people, but lets, be real people, baby steps are the plan here. 


 After exiting the Museum, we drove down the hill and photographed some adorable dogs and portraits of each other in and around the gazebo. There's just something about the Gazebo that speaks to me, it's just so beautiful. The flowers were much more in bloom this time, than they were during easter, I had so much fun getting really close and practicing some macro photography with the blooming foilage. 


  Sheneal and I both braved the rocky and broken ledge to get some awesome shots, I climbed my higher than her and instantly regretted it, it's a lot more uneven the higher you go, and my buttcheeks definitely did not approve. I do love the pictures I got of her, and she of me, while I was up there, so I guess it was worth it. 


 I'm thinking of getting a gopro, or something similar to put on top of my K1000, so I don't have to carry my phone in order to vlog it, I want to work on being able to bring photography to my youtube channel as well. 


Have you been to the art museum lately?

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