Handheld Mistress #42: Spooky Games to Play on Friday 13th!

 Hey Gang!

  One of my favorite spooky holiday is Friday The 13th, if you look through my archives, I write something for it every year. Generally, every year I write up a list of my favorite scary movies to watch, but I thought it would be fun to do something different this year. I’m going to talk about some fun and scary games you can play to spend the day. 

 - The Evil Within (PS3): I haven’t even gotten to the third level in this game. I attempted to play it at night with my sister and her boyfriend, and we were all hoarse from screaming, yelling and jumping around. There’s zombies, some really creepy guy that pops up and then disappears, and this giant ogre fellow that you have to follow in order to escape a room in an asylum, oh and the best part, you start the game hanging upside next to decomposing bodies, and you have to cut yourself down and grab a key to save yourself, and if you’re caught, he automatically decapitates you. It’s a blast. 


- House of the Dead 2 (Dreamcast): In my opinion, the quintessential Shooter.  This game permeated every arcade and home system. I personally remember having a copy for our Dreamcast, and a reloaded version for the Wii. We were huge fans of the fast paced action and back seat shooting that comes with games like this. It was an entire family affair. Definitely a crowd favorite.


- Splatterhouse (PS3): You play a thin, meek, nerd who just married the woman of his dreams, only to have her kidnapped by her professor, and sacrificed to some evil deity for ultimate power. So the protagonist makes a deal with some other demon or minor deity who gains power from the bloodshed you create during your journey. It’s just a fun jump scare game with lots of blood and gore, it gets points for the creative ways you can cause bloodless of the minions. 


- BioShock (PS4): After something occurs to the world, to where everyone has moved underwater, you play as Big brother, who is in a scuba suit, outfitted with awesome weapons like a drill for a hand, and you’re on a mission to save little sisters who are being experimented on, I jump so much just because of how the cameras work that I only play during the day. 


- Catherine (PS3): A  lack luster man in a relationship with an over achieving woman, results in him waking up with a woman he’s never seen before and wildly vivid puzzle dreams, that if he doesn’t escape from, he may not wake up alive. 


 - Root Letter (PSVita): Root Letter follows a protagonist that discovers an old unopened letter from their pen pal that starts them on a mystery of discovering what happened to her. The only thing is the letter is dated after the pen pal is supposed to have died, and the story picks up from there. 


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