Series #52: How to Get Away With Murder Season 3

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  I finished Season three last night and I have got so much to say! This season was definitely a blur of drama, deceit and of course murder. When the season started one of the biggest things for me was the breakup between Oliver and Connor. I always thought they would be a relationship that lasted at least the show.  The biggest issue that I had was Oliver was super selfish, it was obvious that they still had feeling for each other, and it became true at the end of the season when Oliver asks Connor to marry him, honestly, I’d be concerned if he had ill intentions, no matter how sweet Oliver appears. 


 A lot of things surprised me this season, the house burning down, and the loss of someone, which they don't reveal until the last four episodes, so then you're just chomping on the bit to figure out who gets it. I definitely didn't see Laurel and Wes coming like they were hinting at it, but it was too weird, and plus there was Meggy and then it was like "Just kidding" they're in love! 


 I was a little surprised at how buck wild ADA Atwood got this season. She must have been feeling pretty bold because she was just coming at Annaliese reckless and I'm surprised she didn't lose more than her position! Being obsessed with Annaliese was definitely her downfall, but you almost want to give her props for how underhanded she was. Pulling in Nate, enlisting the President of the University. 


 I was so surprised she spent so much time in jail. This was the first season Shonda didn't write it, and it shows. This season wasn't bad, but you could tell the writers didn't really have any love for Annaliese, this season has to have been the hardest on her. Getting caught up in jail, being accused of burning down her house, the death of Wes, Frank also being in jail, the Keating 5 turning on her sort of. Like Sheesh, cut her some slack. 


 I'm honestly astounded at how smoothly she always seems to come back. Sure she spends time in jail and lost her license to practice law, but at the end of the day she still comes up near or on top of the situation. I wonder how season four will treat her, she definitely could use a break. How has the DA not become Public Enemy #1? I was done with him long before he kidnapped Connor, but I literally don't see how he doesn't go down next season, he's a special kind of cruel.


This season was just sensory overload. I was happy, sad, confused, intrigued and just gripped by the drama. I can't wait to see what happens in the next season, and I'm hoping that the crossover episodes come out soon because that was the whole reason I started this binge-watching journey. 

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