April Art Challenge Week Three

Hey Gang!

  I got really discouraged after Princess Peach, she was the decent into hell honestly. She wasn't as good as the other girls I had churned out, and then it just started to get worse as I went on. I tried to just keep pushing myself because I'm supposed to be drawing everyday and I've noticed that I'm more than lack luster on the weekend which puts each week back like two days. Sometimes, I even draw multiple things in a day so I don't have to draw on the weekend, sometimes I'm the worst. 


 Obviously, my favorite is Kiki, I really like the way it came out. Boy Wonder and I went to see The Cat Returns on Monday, as it's part of the Ghibli Fest and got me thinking about other ghibli films and their heroines. Kiki is one of my favorite ghibli characters and my favorite movie. 

 I can't believe April is almost over, I obviously have quite a few images to catch up on but I like that it's been inspiring me to draw more and more. 

Have you been drawing this week?

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