April Favorites

Hey Gang!

 Can you believe it's April is over?! I still have a few more days left on my April challenge but I'm pretty happy with how it worked out. I'm so excited for May because it brings warmer weather "fingers crossed" that it's here to say. Here are a few things I enjoyed last month.

 Playing Detective Pikachu: I’ve waited two years for this game to be translated into English so I could play it when Nintendo Direct announced that they were going to be bringing it to the states, I was so excited! I don’t know how I feel about them making a movie, but I guess I’ll take what I can get. I love how gruff Pikachu is and I am so excited to start solving the mysteries that are waiting for me. 


Capture Card for Nintendo Switch: I’m having power issues with my modded 3DS, which sucks because the only fix is to replace a part on the motherboard, but the board has been modded, so even if I get it sent in, they’ll just replace the board and I’ll lose the mod. Which sucks, because I spent a good chunk of money on it, so I figured I would buy a capture card for the rest of my systems, and It’s portable! So I can take it with me, and record on the go, with an sd card, and not even need to connect it to the computer it's awesome. 


50mm lens for my Pentax: I was on the hunt for a 50mm lens for my canon because I want to practice more portraiture, but they were so expensive and then I found this one for my film camera, and I couldn’t pass it up. I’m working on getting a go pro like camera, that I can put on top, so I can record while I’m out and about, filming off my phone while I photograph is just a bit much. 


April Art Challenge: I want 2018 to be a more creative year, and I wanted to get more confident in my art. The only thing artists will tell you is to practice, so I figured drawing something new every day would be a good start. I have a leading ladies bust theme for the month. I’m doing pretty good. 


Finished the Old Youtube Backlog: I didn’t want to be Nerdette Minute anymore, and 68 videos later, I was completely rebranded. I edited each video and re-uploaded them, and now that I’m finally finished I can start filming new content and I’m so so excited about it.


Doing more Digital photography: My friend Sheneal has become my partner in crime, and almost every Saturday we go out and explore a new area of the city, I tend to take my film camera out more often, just because of how light it is, but I’ve been determined to take it out more. I even used my 50mm lens which I hadn’t pulled out in forever! I love the way the pictures turned out. I also write a blog about my photography, if you’ve ever been interested. You can find it on the photography page


Doing more Digital artwork: This month I drew my super secret Scooby doo fan art project, I really like them, but they still aren’t finished. I think I’ll scan in my April Art Challenge and paint them digitally.

Sailor Mars Backpack: I’d been looking for Hot Topic’s Sailor Moon bag Merch for quite some time, they had the dresses that looked like the sailor suits, but they weren’t in my size, but when I saw the Sailor Mars purse, I knew I had to have it! It’s so perfect, a front pocket with a zipper, so nothing can fall out!


What were some of your favorite things this month?

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