Series #53: New Game Season One

Hey Gang!

  So, I finished the first season of New Game over the weekend and my heart still is not repaired. I wrote a little about it a few years ago, I did a series post about the first four episodes, but then I kind of just fell off and watched it every once in a while. I only had episodes 9-13 left, and that was definitely detrimental to my tear ducts.


 New Game is animated by Doga Koba and licensed by Funimation, which means you can watch both seasons on Crunchyroll, I knew there was a reason I kept it around. So, New Game follows a fresh out of Highschool adult, Aoba, who gets her dream job at a game company. Eagle Jump is an ALL FEMALE game development company who are currently working on Fairies Story Three.


 You meet a whole host of awesome and adorable female characters who help Aoba and themselves to the development deadline for their new game. This anime is considered a comedy slice of life, which I think works quite well as a descriptor. I wish Eagle Jump was real, I'd work there in a heartbeat. They have a studio cat, who just wanders around and gets love , who doesn't want to work somewhere that has a cat?! 


 My Favorite characters have to be Hifumi, Ko, and Umiko. I love how Umiko is so militant with a soft center, she's so into military history and loves to go ham with a paintball gun. The Paintball episode was amazing, I think it might be one of my favorites.


Ko is the lead character designer, and she is in charge of making sure the art is done on time,  and that they stay on track, without being overbearing. I love how laid back she is, and the fact that she sleeps pantsless in the studio, even though she has her own apartment because she's so committed to her work. 


 Hifumi is my favorite because she's so quiet, but all she wants to do is socialize with everyone else. She has a pet hedgehog, who she dotes on, and I never thought hedgehogs were adorable, but she definitely takes the cake. She even cosplays at the game industry convention, and everyone is so into her costume, but she gets embarrassed and tries to hide when she sees her friends/coworkers. She's so adorable. 


 They finished out the season, by releasing Fairy Story three, and almost revealing the twist and waiting in line to get the limited edition toys with their game. Ko is promoted to the Art Director for the next season, and just like Aoba, I will follow you as well!! 

 I'm so excited for the next season! Are you?

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