Spokhette On Youtube #75: Matchland Gameplay

 Hey Gang!

 I've been working on different ways to get more content out to you. With my job getting a little busier than usual I don't really have the time I had before, and it's become an on the go kind of situation. With my modded 3DS out of commission, I thought it would be fun to record some of the mobile games I've been spending my time on. 

 I randomly saw a commercial for matchland on instagram, and It had so many cartoon network characters in it that I loved I immediately downloaded it. I've been playing it pretty steadily for the last week or so. 


 I'm currently on Chapter 5 level 44, and my team consists of Ice Bear, Lumpy Space Princess, Steven Universe, Nom Nom, and Jake. I've maxed out Jake, Nom Nom and Ice Bear. The timer is what screws me on most levels, I always seem something I could have matched after it runs out. 

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