Ways to Spend Free Comic Book Day!

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  I have missed the last two free comic book days but I have plans for this one and I'm not going to miss it! I thought it would be fun to list a few things you can do on Free comic book day to celebrate it. I hope you enjoy your day as much as I do. 

- Visit your fave comic shop. This one is pretty much a no brainer. Great Comic book shops are few and far between if you have a favorite make sure you let them know how much you care by stopping by and giving them patronage. They’ll have a dispatch of all of the free comics they’ll have available and my shop always has a sale on comics, so make sure you look around so you don’t miss out. 


- Have a movie marathon. When you’re done spending money on picking up the latest comics, and you’ve come home with your bounty, why not relax with a comic related marathon? There are comics just about everything now a days, so if you’re worn out by Superheroes ( I’ve seen Infinity War twice in the last week) Then perhaps watch a television program, or even a documentary on the glorious industry we know and love, nothing wrong with learning a thing or two. 

- Yard or Garage Sale Hunt for Comics. The weather is getting warmer, it is May after all. Warm weather means yard sales and lots of them, once you’re done buying shiny new issues, and you’ve picked up your free copy, why not check out some of the sales in your area and see if you can find anything worth keeping as you explore. Even if you don’t come away with any cool comics, you’ll definitely have an experience worth keeping. 


- Casually cosplay a comic character and visit different shops. A few cosplayers in my area, like to cosplay a character and spend a few hours at their favorite shops. Not only is it cool for them and the shop to take pictures of them and such, but My sister and I took pictures with a guy dressed up like Spider-Man. It’s a fun time to be in costume, and imagine the faces you’ll light up as you pass them by in full nerd regalia?


- Take your younger siblings/children out and help them pick their favorite comics. I generally go every year with my father, and sister, it’s a great family bonding experience. Taking your siblings can be a great experience teaching them what you know about comics and helping them pick out their own first issue, or if you have children what an experience to witness your child pick up an issue about a character you may have enjoyed when you were their age? Lot’s of comic shops have children friendly sections for such an occasion. 


What do you plan to do for Free Comic Book Day? Let’s Talk about it on Twitter!

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