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  I know I mentioned it in my March Favorites, but I wanna talk about my studio redesign today. I live in a two bedroom house with my Boy Wonder, And we decided that I needed a studio to create in. He has half of the living room for his creative/gaming space and I got the back room. I look at all of these YouTube videos by other creatives where they show off their studios, and I’m just in awe. They’re always so cool, or so them. Their videos always show that Thier studio is an extension of themselves. 


 My Favorite to watch is Furry Little Peach’s First Studio Vlog. She has just finished a huge project and has decided to clean up and move around her studio. I generally am not finishing huge projects but there does come a time when I just feel like I need a change, I probably do it every four months or so. 

 My studio is my creative space, so I need it to inspire and motivate me to create, if it doesn’t then something is off and I’m on the hunt to move things around until it is on again. At the beginning of the year, I went to Ikea and got a real desk. Before that I was using a picnic table that definitely was beginning to fold under the weight of my computer, printer and the many trinkets I kept on it. I love my new desk, and the large right curve of it is perfect for crafting projects. 


 Despite how drastic the changes may look in the photos I only moved three things around. My desk, to the wall with the window, I am a SUCKER for natural light. I moved my white bookshelf to the corner and actually filled it with books. I love being able to actually look at the books I own, instead of having them haphazardly stacked everywhere. I moved my salvaged recliner from the window to the opposite wall, because it would work perfectly to watch movies on my computer, or curl up with Geronimo who enjoys perching on the top so he can look out of the window. 

 I’ve seen a lot of studio with clear walls and beautiful shelves, and while I love the look of it, I don’t think I could give up my posters. There’s just something about looking up from my desk and seeing fictional characters that inspire me, or beautiful artwork that motivates me to draw more, film a YouTube video, or write another blog post. 


 Taking a break from Nerdette At Large, caused a lot of things to stack up on me. I generally keep a journal that I keep all my to do lists in, but with so many things I wanted to write and videos I wanted to make, I thought a dry erase board on the wall, would help me stay just a bit more organized. It’s the first time, that I have actively used one and it is glorious! I write down everything on the board and then weekly I pull things off and put them in a notebook so I can work on them when I’m away from home. 

 What’s In Your Studio? Let’s chat about it on Twitter or in the Comments below!

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