April Art Challenge Week One

Hey Gang!

 As I mentioned in my two speed paint videos, I really want 2018 to be a more creative year for me. I've been trying to draw way more often than I was before and I decided to do a monthly challenge. So I pushed myself to attempt to draw once a day. I didn't start with a theme but now that I am 7 drawings in, It's starting to look like female characters with a border of flowers, or things that pertain to them. 

 I'm trying to stick to a schedule, but that's my only criteria. I'm hoping that having such a free view to the art that I'll create will really get my brain juices flowing. I'm semi-comfortable drawing women, so I wanted to work on them, and just try and improve my art. 


 I think it would be fun to show you the images by week, just so it doesn't get super overwhelming for me. I'm just using a blank notebook from Ikea that I had lying around and various #2 pencils that I had lying around the house. I haven't colored in any of the sketches, and I'm honestly not sure I will. 


Are you currently doing any personal projects?

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