Cinema #37: The Cat Returns

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  I missed almost every Ghibli Fest movie last year, and only had the chance to venture out for The Castle Of Cagliostro which was absolutely amazing, if you’d like to know more about what I thought about that film, I wrote about it here. This year, I wanted to try and do more than one, so we started with The Cat Returns. 


 This was a film I had never seen, and so I was going in with fresh eyes and I was so excited about the experience of seeing an Ghibli film that I hadn’t seen a hundred times, and seeing it on the big screen is always better, I don’t care what anyone else tells you. 


  The Cat Returns follows a girl named Haru, who one day comes across a cat carrying a present in its mouth as it crosses the street. The Cat drops the parcel, and the light turns green, and he narrowly avoids being ran over by a semi, when Haru swoops him up literally in a lacrosse net. The cat then stands on his hind legs and begins to thank her for saving him, that he’s late for an important event, but will be back later to thank her properly.


 Apparently, Haru has always had an affinity for understanding cats, as she used to speak to them when she was younger. Later, that night she is visited by the king of the Cat Kingdom, who informs her, that she saved the life of the Prince, Lune, and thus will be rained upon with everything that would bring her happiness. 


  Hilarity ensues, as she is visited by copious amounts of mice, her own personal cat entourage, her weight in catnip, and her own yard chock full of cat tails. Unfortunately, statutes were made for cats and not humans so they have very different ideas of complete happiness. 


 Haru is visited by a cat on the kings court, who tells her she will marry the prince of Cat Kingdom, Lune, and they will live happily ever after in the kingdom. Since she doesn’t want to marry a cat, she is told to visit the Baron and he will solve her problems. 


  I absolutely loved the film. I loved the colors, and how every cat had a different personality. Some were clothed, some weren’t but each cat had something different and unique about them. The action was fun and fast paced as well, the cats came and swooped up Haru, and the chase was on like a locomotive. 


   My favorite characters have to be Lune, Baron, the Harem cats were so adorable, and of course Muta! Although the film was pretty short, barely an hour, it’s definitely a film I recommend. I would love to add it to my collection, and I think it’s all around an adorable film that everyone would enjoy. 


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