Handheld Mistress #44: Every Recipe’s got a rhythm

 Hey Gang!

  I know, I know, two gaming posts back to back! Friday, I received an email newsletter about certain games being on sale for the switch e-shop. What more did I need right? I’d gone through the shop list a couple of months ago and put things in a wishlist, and lo and behold. There were THREE games on sale from my wishlist, and so of course I couldn’t ignore their call and leave them unpurchased.


 The first game I want to talk about it Voez. It’s a beautifully designed rhythm game. Lots of different types of music, and unique way of relaying the rhythm to adorable diamond shaped markers. You can play the game either through touch, or using the joy cons, or putting the joy cons in the controller base. 


 The next game I want to talk about it Battle Chef Brigade. I’d first heard of this game, thanks to a post at Tiny Cartridge. They post about handheld games, indie, and mainstream and their site is amazing, I keep applying to write for them because that’s the dream. You follow a girl named Maria who wants nothing more than to join the Chef’s Brigade, which is an institution that teaches and helps you battle through food, and train you to control the monster population by beating them up, collecting their leftover bits and cooking them as ingredients in dishes that will help you in tournaments that will allow you to travel all over Victusia. My favorite part is that in order to cook the ingredients you have to match three of the same balls of flame, which is a puzzle, and ya’ll know how much I love a puzzle!


 I’ve leveled up pretty decently in Splatoon. When I wrote Wednesday’s post, I had only been playing it for a couple of days, but as of Today, I’m halfway to level 15, and the Carbon Roller, is my weapon of choice. I love the baller, super easy to ease your way into the enemies lair, and then blow shit up. I think my favorite thing about playing online, is the leveling up, and I’ve never been one for online play but I love it in this game. I get pretty competitive. 


 What have you been playing lately?

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