Cinema #38: Bat-man Vs. Two Face!

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  I’ve been writing about comic characters and their media since the inception of my blog 10 years ago. Batman has always been a staple in my comic diet, and I’m in love with almost every animated film he’s ever been in. Batman ‘66 will always have a special place in my heart, I own the entire series on Blu-Ray and Have a very belovedly used dvd of the film. 


 So when I was the store the other day and came across Batman Vs Two-Face on the shelf, for a decent price, I knew I had to get it. I’d seen Return of the Caped Crusaders last year and I absolutely loved it! So what better way to follow it up than by watching the next ‘66 inspired film?  This film was released before Adam West’s passing, so it has original voice actors. West as Batman, Ward as Robin and William Shatner as Two-Face. 

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  Batman and Robin meet Hugo Strange, Dr. Quinzel, and Harvey Dent in the State Penitentiary for a brand new experiment to suck the evil out of the super criminals that inhabit its walls. Of course, the experiment goes awry and the machine explodes causing Dent to become Two-Face. This particular version of Two-Face can be recreated by using the complete evil collected from the machine. Two months later, the most renowned surgeon is able to reconstruct Dent’s face, and it looks like everything will go back to normal. However, the surgeon can only fix the scars, not the true evil.


  My favorite thing about this film was the cast of characters used. I’m always super partial to the animated films because they will literally throw anyone in there they deem fit and it’s a great way to see characters either you didn’t know about before or ones you hadn’t seen in a while. One of my favorite ‘66 villains is Bookworm, and other than his couple of episodes, he doesn’t really get much love. I love the burgeoning romance between Batman and Catwoman, even though Catwoman is behind bars. 


  Another thing I loved about this film is the comedy. The comedy in both ‘66 based films is hilarious, the spaces that the leave between mentions that Dick is Bruce’s...ward, or that they do love their fishing trips and nudging just kills me. It’s almost like they want your mind to wander. The rumors circulating around the “real” relationship between Bruce and Dick has always had certain conations and I think the writers taking time to poke fun at it, is awesome.  


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