Comics #33: Bee and Puppycat Vol. One

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  I’ve been a fan of Adventure time for quite a while now, and I’ve even talked about it a bit on the blog. My favorite part of Adventure Time is Fiona and Cake. I really wish there was more of them. It only has slightly to do with how awesome Fiona is, and how hot Marshall Lee is, plus he’s voiced by Donald Glover, like what more could you need? Bee and Puppycat is written and illustrated by Natasha Allegri, who is also known for the Fiona and Cake Graphic Novel. 


 When I first discovered Bee and Puppycat, I was interested immediately, I had only seen clips and art on Tumblr but I hadn’t actually gotten the chance to experience it. I randomly thought about it the other day and went to see if I could get it from the library and there it was just waiting for me!  So I devoured it in an hour and now I need more, and I’m ready to delve deeper into the story! I couldn’t have any better timing as Cartoon Hangover has announced that Bee and Puppycat will be back in 2019. 


  I loved two things about this graphic novel. Bee is so relatable if she wasn’t so lazy she would be me. Lying about, spending time with her cat, always hungry? And when they go off searching for Wallace, and she’s practically dressed as Sherlock Holmes? What more could you need?? I love references like that, and they just don’t come along very often. 


  I think this volume was super interesting because each one was written by and illustrated by a different person. Each story may have looked different but they captured the essence of Bee and Puppycat, and that’s honestly what made it so cool. I love comics because they introduce you to people, stories, artists, and fictional worlds you may never have seen before, and if you have, then it's like welcoming in and catching up with old friends. Now I'm off to binge all of the cartoon episodes before 2019 so I'm ready for the next season. 

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