Series #54: The Bold Type S2 Ep 1 + 2 Spoilers

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  I’m so excited to be talking about one of my favorite shows again! It’s been a while since I’ve gotten to see anything new about the Bold Type and now they’ve released the first two episodes of season 2. I watched them back to back, and they are just as good as the first season and I’m going to talk about what I loved about the first two episodes!


 Episode One: Feminist Army. The first season ends with Jane deciding to take the position at Incite, as a writer with her own column. Her Column will interview and spotlight women who are making amazing strides. The first article covers Emma Cox, with Off the Rag, who is creating sustainable menstrual cups and donating one to underprivileged and homeless woman.. However, Emma didn’t think about the lack of facilities these women would have and thus caused more issues than they had before including some of them getting sick. 

 Jane is stuck between breaking the story, and safeguarding women from the one mistake, they’re all bad trope that they face. Women who are doing great things, having an issue, and all of their hard work swept under the rug. It’s a serious issue that a lot of entrepreneur and fire starter women face and people use it to tear them down. Jane’s all about lifting women up which I love!


  Kat is back home with Adena, and they’re living together! I’m so excited to see that their not only did their trip around the world reallly help cement them as a couple, but that they are good and going strong, and still learning about themselves. I missed them. Kat is Scarlet’s first Black Female Department Head which is a huge deal, but she’s having trouble with identifying as Black, because she’s biracial, and doesn’t want one parent left out. 

  Sutton, is killing it in the fashion department and is great at her job. However, a girl in the department is spreading rumors that the only reason she has her styling credits is because she slept with Alex to get there. Also, The sexual harassment overhaul in policy, allows her and Richard to get back together without any hang ups, as long as she. Signs a paper contract listing it as consensual. Sutton in these first two episodes is suffering from the wonderful double standard that all women know but none love. If a man sleeps with lots of women and happens to be successful, then good for him, but if a woman does the same then she slept her way to the top.   Slut shaming, essentially.


 The reason The Bold Type is such a great show is that it delves on hard hitting issues that women face. I run an online blog, I have a brand, and although I don’t cover fashion or even have a big following, I very much relate to the women in this show. They are going through the same things that I am, I very much relate to Kat. She’s discovering she’s Bi, She’s trying to find her place in her company, and that the intersections of her race and her sexual orientation will soon be either hurdles or highlighted steps along the path to her destinnation and that’s incredibly important to see on screen.  

 Episode Two: Rose Colored Glasses. Sutton is still dealing with the slut shaming in the office, and now must decide which is more important to her, her relationship or her career. I was pretty annoyed with how clean cut they made her decision because I really liked Richard and I keep holding out hope that they will get back together, but I also really liked the conversation between her and Jacqueline which allowed her to come back to her roots. 


 This episode definitely hit hard for me. Being Black in America is hard. It’s exhausting. To be in a constant state of knowing, is to be a constant state of rage. Kat is trying to do the best in her circumstances and then right when she begins making real headway on her dreams, that pesky little thing called race makes her rethink everything she knows about herself. I liked the decision she ultimately made, and I can’t wait to see it how it unfolds. 

 I knew I wasn’t a fan of Incite and I couldn’t put my finger on it, but that editor is just a piece of work. She’s nothing like Jacqueline, but she’s also not a good person. She completely re-worked Jane’s article and let her take the fall for the chaos she created, and then set Jane up when she went for that interview. That interview was literally 8 wrong turns, and I knew it was only going to go downhill from there. I personally would have left when They edited my article and put it up before I had the chance to okay it. There’s a different between fixing errors, and completely remaking an article. 


 These two episodes were definitely a great start to a brand new season and I can NOT wait to see what’s in store for the ladies. I am hoping for more Alex with his beard, I want to see what’s next for Jane and if she comes back to Scarlett, I will keep hoping for Richard and Sutton, especially since she’s back to herself, and I want more Kat with Adina, and more Kat discovering herself. 

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