Cinema #39: Incredibles 2

Hey gang!

  After a 14 year wait, The Incredibles 2 was released on the fifteenth and I definitely wanted to go see it! I woke up Saturday, asked the boy Wonder if he wanted to see it and we were off. We went to our favorite theater AND saw it in 3D. 10/10 defnitely recommend. i'm going to talk about a few of my favorite things, and I'm going to try really hard to leave out the spoilers.


 Instead of talking about what happened, I think it will be easier to talk about what I enjoyed about the film. I'm going to keep it down to three things that I want to expand on. One of the biggest things, I loved about Incredibles was the music. It was so much livelier than the original film. I found myself tapping my foot and very interested afterwards because I streamed the soundtrack, while working my night shift. 


 The growth of the characters. We waited 14 years for this movie and in that time the characters needed to grow with us. While the actual time in the film isn't too far forward from the past, the actual growth of the characters are more emotional and the way they problem solve, rather than actual time passing or aging.  Especially Violet and Bob, in the original story they are very upset with their way of life, and the way things are going and superheroes being illegal, in this film, with the way they're trying to deal with being oppressed and in particular Violet dealing with high school stress on top of it, the way they muddle through is heart warming. 


 Finally, the actual story line. It's pretty rare that a story line blows me away. That's not what happens in Incredibles 2, HOWEVER, I can say that I did very much enjoy the story, the plot and the twists. I felt that the characters were well developed, and not just the core group, and I was intrigued and interested in how the story was going to develop and what was going to happen, I wasn't necessarily on the edge of my seat, but I was definitely engaged. 

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