June Favorites

 Hey Gang!

  June was a lot slower than May, but I still wasn’t ready for it to be over. I’m excited for next month though because I’ll be turning 27! I’m not sure what I’ll get up to for my birthday but I’m excited to see what July will bring. Here are a few things I loved in June.

- Bee and Puppycat. I'd hear of them before, but it was difficult to find the cartoon, or the comic, so it was just kind of something that I knew of but never got to experience. They popped again a few weeks ago, so I put volume one on hold at my library. Finished that instantly and started to watch the cartoon. I definitely have to say I like the comic WAY more than the cartoon, but I'm still looking forward to their new series. I wrote about the comic if you'd like to read it. 


- Traveling to Columbus for a shoot fest. I have an awesome opportunity to head up to Columbus and photograph lots of boudoir models! I can't wait to show you the shenanigans, and its just always super fun hanging out with girls. 

- Completing Two Knitting Projects. I finished a watermelon pillow for my sister, whose been asking for one since I was in the 7th grade...I have an issue completing things. I've always been a freeform knitter, and lately I've wanted to start learning how to read a pattern. So I bought needles, yarn, and a book, and I pushed myself to finish a project. I ran into a lot of snaffus but I have something that 9 out of 10 looks like the project, so I'm happy with the result, and I can wear it even though its kind of lumpy so I'll survive. 


- Incredibles 2. The Boy Wonder and I went to go see Incredibles 2, and the 14 year wait was so WORTH IT! Everything was perfect and it just picked up from where the first movie left off. I didn't cry, but I definitely enjoyed it. The short before, was beautiful and heartwarming, and I may have teared up a bit while watching it. 


- Getting to do a confetti shoot. I was flipping through Youtube, and I came across a video about different ways you can spice up your shoots if they were too bland, and the girl was throwing confetti , and I thought that was fun, so I did it too, and I really liked the way the pictures came out. I love being able to try new things, and thats what photography is all about, experimentation, and I love to experiment.


- A new Tattoo! I finally got another tattoo! My last tattoo was in October, so I was long overdue. I got Pan!c lyrics across the top of my back, and I am so in love! These lyrics really spoke to me and I knew it was something I'd want forever. So I went and got it done, it literally took 30 minutes, and was probably the least painful tattoo so far, so that's a plus. 

- Finding Nekoma's Pokemon Comics. I love using instagram to find new creatives, and Nekoama's art is SO FLIPPING ADORABLE, I can't stand it. They do these little Pokemon Comics, that are just so great, and I love the stories surround the pokemon characters that they chose, but I think my favorite is the laid back wartortle and his group of teenage middle starters. Make sure you follow them, so you don't miss out on the awesomeness. 


What did you get up to This month? Got any Favorites? Let's talk about em on Twitter!

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