Handheld Mistress #42: Casings and Murder.

 Hey Gang!

  Welcome to another gaming post. This is happening. The biggest thing I love about The Switch is it's mobility. I can just pick up and go, and I don't need extra things. I have so much love for handheld systems. I'm going to talk about new accessories and games I've picked up recently. 

 The first thing I want to talk about is the new case I got for my Nintendo Switch System. I have a small case that just holds the console and I keep that in my bag, but since I visit my parents pretty often and am constantly dragging it around, I got this carrying case. It holds the dock, all four of my controllers, the controller grips, and it came with two containers for gaming cartridges and two cases for memory cards. I picked it up from GameStop.


 While I was there I was checking out the PSVita section (always) and came across Trigger Happy Havoc, also known as Danganronpa. The gist of this game is that there are a certain group of children who are accepted to this amazing highschool of Hope. Except they get there, and they're met with a homicidal teddy bear as a principal, who tells them the only way they'll ever be able to leave the school is to murder one of their classmates and escape without being caught. What more did I need? 


 I play quite a few games on my cellphone as well and one that I have been playing a lot lately is Final Taptasy. It's basically a dungeon crawler, where the more finger taps you can muster the faster you'll destroy the monsters. Also you are trying to save the princess, but she is literally kidnapped every new chapter.  It's a super fun time waster.


What have you been playing lately? Let's talk about it on Twitter.

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