Ink Adventures #5: Panic in French

 Hey Gang!

  You guys know how much I love tattoos. Ink therapy is my favorite kind. I took a bit of a break after Momo The Cat on Halloween. I honestly don’t know how I waited so long, by the time I finally made my appointment for this one, I was positively itching for some more ink. I’ve got a list of tattoos that I want to get, and I’m just trying to whittle them down. 


 Sometimes, I want to talk about all the ideas I have, but I’m afraid someone might take them, so I just keep them to myself. *sigh*, I have a quote on my inner arm, but other than that, I haven’t gotten any text. I decided that I really wanted to get a set of song lyrics that really speak to me. They are from the Panic at the Disco Song, Nearly Witches, I got them in French and I absolutely love it. 

 It was actually the least painful tattoo out of my seven. Barely any blood and it’s so delicate, I LOVE IT! It’s the only song lyrics from my list, and I am already looking forward to getting the next one done.

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